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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  August 12, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we begin with meteorologist brian van de graaff, and seems like there's kind of a theme this week. >> yes. hot, a little sticky. we have afternn thunderstorm chances and today we could have ture e already down to our e sohwest. wwleeltho th wt in the mountains butay m ldownepage county and our ers in the mid 70' 70 in gaithersburg and your forecasted high mid to upper 80's. not tons of sunshine but a hit or miss shower and maybe a rumble of thunder later. jim? >> one significant problem out there so far, that is the crash on the southbound side of route 28 before sterling boulevard. major accident the southbound side of the roadway the blocked. at interchange 109 is about the only delay we got so famplet the southbound side of roe 28 the roadway shut down.
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northbound traffic able to get sbyut bouthbound not able to move thrutgh that area right now. we'll keep you posted. >> unfortunately it seems like every day there's more bad news for metro riders. >> this latest black eye for the transit agency a worker on drugs hooks too many cars to a train. matt brock is live there with the latest incident and a new push for more money. >> we'll get to the money in a moment. but the question is what drug was this operator on? or was he on it really at the time or just tested positive for it and it was in his blood? he could have used it before. a lot of questns commuters will be asking but it was just another in the steady drum beat of things that seem to be going wrong for metro. >> another morning, another day of concerned riders. a 10-car train, one train
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operator assembled the train and then handed it over and the operator drove train two cars too long until a passenger spoke up. >> there was a customer on the train that nofede the train operator that he was operating a train via two extra cars that were off the platform in the tunnel. >> that set off an investigation that drove the overloaded train had tested positive for drugs. >> when you're driving public transportation, there's no place for drugs. no place for getting high. no passengers were to be last two cars so no customer was ever in danger. >> as a frequent rider i wonder am i safe? >> that finds commuters asking what's the breaking point? what's next on metro? >> there will be some point where it just won't be worth it. >> metro will only say this operator is on rehab and not
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drawing a salary. does not say whether or not he's actually been fired or she's been fired and lost the job. so a lot of commuters looking at that. meanwhile there's a white house protest scheduled today from a group who says metro's problems really are based in its finances and that it needs to be better funded and that the federal government shouldontribute $13 billion immediately to the metro system to repair its aging problem. we're live at the greenbelt station this morning. >> thank you. keep us posted. it has been a violent 24 hours in the district. d.c. police are investigating several shootings all in southeast. the latest happened at 12:30 this morning at the 3,000 block of 24th street. police found two men shot there. one in the head. he is dead and another in the
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leg who is recovering. >> police hope surveillance video will help them stolve murder of an annandale woman. 53-year-old accupuncturist. this video shows a man in a dark-colored infinity pulling up and walking towards her accupuncture business which she operated out of her home on july 24, the same day she was found stabbed to death. >> i want whoever did it caught cause it's scary thinking whoever did that is still out there. >> i hope they get the guy and put him behind bars and i'm really sorry for her family. >> police believe this was not a random crime. if you recognize the man or car in the video, police want to hear from you. >> 6:04 is your time and two fame students at the u.s. naval academy say they were sexually assaulted. the alleged incidents happened while the women were away from
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that school on summer assignments one voovels sophomore who filed that report in june. another a junior who filed a report last month. the navy is investigating both those cases. >> turns out the hole cost museum gunman was put on a watch list after a rambling meeting with officials. james von brun is charged with murdering a museum guard in june. two weeks earlier the man went james von brun went to complain about the policies and the commander who met with him told erupio s hha superiors his visi ominous overtones. a loudoun county teen has been indicted on first degree murder. 17-year-old jaime was also charged yesterday with aggravated malicious wounding for the criticalur iiienjnas l inflicted on that man's wife.
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they were taking a walk when they were attacked. one of the biggest names in college basketball is now caught up in a sex scandal. university of louisville head coach rick pitino admitted to having sex and paying for an abortion for a woman now accused of trying to extort millions of dollars from him. pitino says he had consensual sex with sifer in 2003 however sifer is accusing him of rape. >> and the 69-year-old president and nobel peace prize winner fell ill on sunday complaining of a sore throat and temperature. he is now being quarantined at home and he suffers from asthma and is at higher risk than most but is said to be of good enough health to continue working.
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>> and "the washington post" reports one idea for swine flu would be to use some schools as mass knocklation clinics. schools will remain open, testing for a swine flu vaccine is already underway in eight cities in the u.s. including baltimore, maryland. >> there will be plenty of security in hagerstown, maryland today where another town hall meeting will be held. democrats trying to explain their health care plan are being met with many protests even turning violent. >> one day god is going to stand before you, and he is going to judge you. >> we just had a demonstration of democracy, ok? >> i don't understand this rudeness. what is this? i don't get it. i honestly don't get it. >> well president obama was treated more respectfully at his
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town hall in new hampshire yesterday although demonstrators did rally outside, mr. obama will hold another town hall meeting in montana on friday. >> and later this morning president obama and the first lady will host a supreme reception foral associate justice sotomayor will make her way to the white house for the first time since her swearing in. and a little later the president will award 16 americans the medal of freedom the highest civilian honor. among the recipients, hashry milk, the late y rights activist and sandra day o'connor. >> 6:08, 74 degrees. >> when good morning, washington returns, bernie madoff's right-hand man is getting ready to come clean. we'll see what it means for the
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massive fraud investigation. >> at bailey's crossroads and notice we have gray skies to start our day. that will keep our temperatures down.
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>> hi, there, and mymy name is jud fox reminding you go in feet first on your first title good morning, washington. >> hey, good morning on this wednesday, it's 6:11 a.m.
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meteorologist adam caskey at bailey's crossroads. mainly gray and cloudy conditions as we have an upper-level disturbance drifting our way. some action on the radar screen. not locally. you'll have a dry ride into work, but your ride home may be a little different. some of the upper-level disturbance action may drift our way. mainly in the midday and afternoon hourswill be a moswi ie th n ithe n oneet, 75.trt, see falls church, 74. hey, the clouds are going to keep us cooler than we have been the last couple of days. a little over half of our average, what we typically see this time of day. i had no upper 80's and have
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your umbrella handy. to jim russ with our morning drive now. >> near the intersection of sterling boulevard a serious crash blocking the southbound lanes to the roadway. fic trying to get on to 28 southbounde ndbl aobl d that right now. pretty much a mess on the southbound side of 28 at sterling boulevard. northbound traffic can get through. traffic to be beltway in pretty good shape. we see at colesville road traffic is light enough that we have no delays. pam landmarks alison, back to you. >> jim, we appreciate it. 13 minutes after the hour. 72 degrees on a wednesday morning. >> still ahead on good morning, washington have you seen these ads around town? the white house doesn't like them and wants home the come down. we'll tell you why. >> good morning, washington. geico's been saving people money on car insurance for over 70 years.
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>> in our top sto3 >> and welcome back, everybody. in our top stories at 6:15, a metro train parrot is -- operator is off the job and in rehab after testingrieositive fr drugs. the worker allowed the green line train to leave the yard with 10 cars. they are only supposed to leave with eight. >> security will be tight at hagerstown community college where another town hall will be hosted. he was heckled and booed at a town hall in towson monday night. and u.s. marines are working to take back a town in afghanistan
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from taliban control. the helicopter assault began just before dawn. so far several suspects have been captureden and about 66 n ounds of opium seized. 66 they are working to secure that area before the elections. >> there are ads mentioning the obama daughters and have the white house upset. these ads feature a girl and she's saying quote president obama's daughters get healthy school lunches, so why don't i? they advocate a vegetarian lunch ouspion. within hours the groups behind the ads got a call from 1600 n ennsylvania 1600 >> the white hse council called and said wait a minute is this going too far? >> that's dr. kneel bernard the president ofriehysician's committee the group that paid for the ads. he says they will stay up until the end of the month.
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>> it is 6:15. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> thank you, very much. weatre taking a look at traffic in marromand and things running without incident currently to be beltway and 270. 2o b a little heavy and on 66 w have an accident before route 28 blocking the left lane and before the beltway about a mile thereats a broken down bus blocking the right side and route 28 shut down before sterling tpwhroved clean up a serious accident that occurred roughly about an hour ago. and gum sprinngr road open following a utility situation that's been going on therieast couple of days. now with the forecast, here's brian. >> than are yoows outside we are looking at some energy down to our south and west working its way slowly to the west. we may see a fewrieockets of ran as this swings across the area.
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mid to upper 80's but not quite as toasty as yesterday's degrees. we'll see some of the numbers. 74 at itiodbridge. dew point still in the 60's. over to the maps we go. a frontal system that's sagged down to our south and east. its proximity will keep us unsettled today. dst. ending on the sunshine, th temperatures will be in the 80's to mid 80's. n artial clearing tonight after isolated shower or renroug chance of a shower or storm overnight and mid and upper 80's not bad. n artly and sunny skies but kee an eye in case a thundershower or renorieop up. back to yoows >> thank you. bernie madoff's right-hand man involved in the massive fraud ring is trod sing. >> and honoring classic
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characterize from the golden age of tfrom theost office. in this morning's "moneyscope." >> good morning. topping your "moneyscope" report wall street will be in a holding n will be in a holding the central bank is expected to leave rates at record lows and indicate they'll stay there for a while. the biggesta.nsystion is whethe policy m, vers will lay out plas to start unwinding some of the n rogramsrieut inrielace torierp the economy. the right-hand man of wind isler bernard madoff is bhe jind bars. frank depossess collie pleaded guilty to helping madoff caacci out one of the bigst fstrauds. he said it was all fake and others were indon' 16ed. as part of his deal with prosecutors he will name the others. >> and discovering dropping fees for those who charge over their credit limit.
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they will end that about six months before the new renarlations go out. >> and gm says the hybrid chevy volt can go 230 milesrieer galln in the city. the car runs on batteries for about 408 miles and a gas engine kicks in to deep battery charged. the financially strdpedrieostal service is rolling out a n ch bunch ofhe early tv memory stamps are on sale featuring 20 shows that captureed the nation. among them, i love lucy and the honey mooners. >> and coming up how you can take your kids on a fat-free shopping spree. >> that's on "good morning
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america." >> coming up on good morning, washington, phil stuart has some of the stories you won't find to be frontrieage. >> and on "oprah" it's a don't-mitts hour. evyday heroes m, ving miracles happen every day. >> thank you for w, ving up wit us on this wednesday morni.
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>> and welcome back at 6:23
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weatve brought you headlines. >> we turn to you, phil. >> hi there. ood morning. people are certainly talking. we want to start with video that certainly caught a lot of people's attention. take a look at thisurnido yo fr outside the event where president obama conducted the town hall. there was an anti-protester who had pistol strooped his local leg but therieolice chief said . was legal as long as it was not nccoled. hereats a cool tech tool for yo. fthe d.c. public library is launching the firstrieublic vibry ihopone application in the nation called dcpl. it's already up around running and you can quickly searc resources and find boo ci and resources and fi taaterdyls fro country. and this morning tmz rst. orts n aula abdul spentrieart of the
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afternoon with tv head mcpherson. mcpherson. taic lherson w contestant and there was talk of making her a gnsyst judge and a loul announced she is not returning to american bar association. -- to american idoms you can call it a cover controversy. hereats ariehoto ofuppeelly clan performing two weeks ago on "good morning america." here's anotherriehoto of her to be photo of self magazine. some say the comparison is so drastic theyhink that magazine pick was photo shopped to m, ve her look thinner. self editor and chief says they did indeed do postrierourniction they would do for any other star. what do you think? >> jury is out on that one. >> they alway touch up lik vittle lines and the when i say i hair but the question is when it's talking about her figure is at what they altered?
6:26 am
>> which is what the article was about. we don't want to pick on her b she was very open in this article talking about her weight and people say wait. we saw you looking llegaee thisd now on the maguppeeine looking noticeably different and i think that's where some of this is coming in but the editor saying we did no more than we woud s k ormally drougthan we woud s >> ed.t looks great on the cove. >> and talented. >> so thank you, hopil. see you later. >> 6:26 is your time. we still have another half-hour on good morning, washington. >> coming up, spr ing into azinion to save a stranded hleg. >> and good morning, i'm courtney robinson live from cditol hilms is the recession nearing the end? a look at day ton n of the fed' a look at day to taeeting. fed' >> and we are looking at another day of heat and humidity. wh's in store for the rest of the week and weekend?ihp
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it has everything you need. just prep, cook and share your way into a gourmet meal. wild salmon dijon in puff pastry with whole-wheat orzo and vegetables. new stouffer's anytime gourmet. make it amazing. >> welcome back to good morning, washington. than ci so much for joining us today. 6:30 is the time on this wednettsay, aunarst 12. i'm alison starling. and if-rieamela brown in for dog and if-rieamela tacelway.or dog
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brian van de graaff joins us now. brian van de graaff joins us now. >> yes. could see a couple thundershowers and tay.nderstork so an umbrella close by would be a positive thing. we're gjong to be in the 80's, yesterday. >> we could use the bre, v. >> yes. >> between this a lite tl sunshine. loth at t te numbers outside. m ofroamt at. 7ty. see little sunshinerieeeking throank h. kind of muggy with a few clouds and showers off and on whroughout the day. on let's check the commute. >> weatre looking at route 28 south the overpass of sterling boulevard. maweer crash being cleared up nw and fairfax police ting to get this out of the road as quickly asrieossible. asrieossible. taedevac left shortly we should have traffic
6:31 am
shortly we shoul talegaing afui 28 southbound at sterling boulevard or gx on to 28 south from stewas ing boulevard. we'll keep an eye on this and have an update shortly. 66 eastbound on route 28 a crash left side then just before the belp2ay a broken down mx ro bus blocking the right side of the roadway. pamela, alison, back to you. >> well, the struggling economy could gx a fresh shot in the arm t ay. >> that's right. the federal reserve is mex ing wo discussuppeey change.ex ing new worries, though, about the future of theon wob markest courd moc has the latesst >> good morning. it seems econorpc reclegaery isn track. the fed is still warn that things could change, and that means the decision that is come from these meetings could affect whe months to come. could affect >> the sig gj are there.
6:32 am
economists are saying we could be coming out of one of the on nrst recessions in history. >> i'm convinced that we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. >> last november to this april >> last november taonthlyon wob 645,000. may and july customers shed 330, no0 a montittl whe latest figure 247,000. >> it's encouraging to hear that, ed.t therieroof is in the pudding. >> for americans now jobless stale loss and ipeopls warned unemployment could hit 10% because companies are not hirind back soon enoank ittl >> i've been going to soup kitchens, going to the t5 ton.x store, staying with a friend. i'm trying to make ends meet. >> what will it do for con'rmer confidence? >> they'll let programs
6:33 am
intending to doon wust that expe a signal economic recovery is on track or that those programs aren't having the intended effect. >> and we should hear more on that i3 bueon wust narster 2:00 this afternoon. the fed is expected to kee >>that bank koc bank lending rate low. the central bank expected to do the same. live from capitol hill. courtney robinson. >> thank you. madwntend state ef sloarlies co be facing more if you are lows in order to help -- furlows in order to helps are considering a plan who would $40,000 a year to take more unpaid days than those with a lower salary, and someurnirgini lawmakers will meet a sub committee will loo are for a solution for the supreme court
6:34 am
rule that the law dealing how fore gjic sthsentists can be called to testify. governor tim kaine has called a specpll session on this i3 b'rm one week from today. >> and the overnight stranding of 47 aiwas inerieassengers on tarmac in minnesota. the tra gjportation department wants to find out whether consumer protection regulations wereurniontete indeed last week incident. the continental express plane a yent neawas y seven hours on tarmac where it had been diverted because of thundersto'rm s. >> all nine victims from the crash in new york city have now been reclegaered. arlisterday the last two bodies were pulled from the wreckage of a smallrientene that collided wh a helicopter. investigators believe they are b ies of therieilot and passenger. >> a stranded hiker is djong
6:35 am
ll narster a dramati sidreboul' park rangers say fit weren't for whe eagle ton n helicopter that ll narster a dramati sidreboul' whe eagle ton n helicopter that instead of minutes. the hiker was in a remote area where he fell and fractured his ankle. u le. beriear are s him, it took that helicopter team 40 seconds to gx him in whe basket and leqt him to n safety. >> difficult for all parties ie the rescue technician has to keep the aircraft direcer y le the patient while they a bhor the aircraft to the ground. >> during the time the hlegaeers vost and resro ed temperatures s were nearly 100 degrees. >> lont t at this. well, hear.h care overhaus i still dominating the president's agenda. nte i, vers are hntetding town hall meetings across the country to gx rieublic reazinion to therie. >> emotions are running high on both sides of the aisle. >> you dotayt taboust me?
6:36 am
>> at town hall meetings across the countdw, tal are of hear.h e -- blood pressure and hurt feelinges. >> i doncti understand this rudeness. i dotayt get it. i honeser y doncti gx ist do you all think that you're per'rto'ing people when you shot uut llegaee that?e when you shot >> and many are getting pushed back fromrieen gjylle tni te >> one day g is going to stand before you, and he is going to judge you. >> weon wust had a demonstratio of democracy, ok? >> to nt tntehoma. >> where one man who voiced support for reform was booed by the crowfet >> than are you. >> al in fact one of the few peot ne gx tingrieositton.eried eweedbac are to health care cha is the psident. he took hisrienten to new haf sshire yesterday though protesters gathered outside, crowd. >> insuranceompanies will be
6:37 am
prohibited be from denss ng coverage because of a person's medical hisdw, peri . whey will not be able to dro >> your coverage if you get sick. >> some dst t->ra ll accd. co gjerle ttive grodw,s of orchestrating the fewery. president obama calls the demo gjtrations democracy in action. twhaver debate, it connues across the countdw while health care reform awaits in washington. >>rieresident overamarientens t more health care town hall meetings meanwhile the first tv to's critical of the health car plan begin airing t ay in 2nv statees. st tily schmidt, washington. >> time for a check of t ay's bd. bell is life in new york. linda. >> go morning. do you think your cell phone bill is high? well, it looo y llegaee youside alone. u.s. cell phone customers pay some of the highest rates in the word s. the organization of development says the average u.s. bill is
6:38 am
$636 a yeator looking for lower rates? try mlegaing to finntend, the nx hewas anmar or sweden. >> nextel is expanding its broad band wirele3 b service. whey are aiming to have the risp service running in d.c. by ngit arliar. eq yousidene a freekt air trave. this may be good news for you. vow-fair traveler is beginning starting in november the airline will have six additional fligh l at the airs service to and from new jersey' ti thiark airs from new jersey' la guardia instead. that's business news. gem linda bell reporting for ac 7 news. >> thank you, so much. 6:3roais your time. uutside we have 72 degrees. >> when good morning, washington continewees it's llegaee a scen straight from a movie.
6:39 am
a massive jewelry heist in broad a massivy.uter..y heist in broad daom tight. wait until you hear how much whey got away with. how much >> and adam caskoc live in bailey's crossroads. sun is brethaning through some the clri 75. forecast straight aheto'
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>> time now, 6:41 on this wednesday morninteste d ox erntetogist to'am caskey. sun came up at 6:19 a.m. you can see mostly cloudy skies but a f thi brethanes. in maryland is where we're seeing most of the sunshine. d ooser y cloudhe sunshine. ss sun here and there and oan. rr. oceowershs.rrkr. cr t dssrmst aha corr 7. wad sorfty.u2, fairfax,ty.u1. a f thi scattered showers and possibly a few thunderstorms later this da ternoon. but mainly areas of light rain later on today. eawas ier in the day, out wes, lar in the day locally and east of the mx ro are te conteter, hrkhs in the mid to upper 80's. about 87 due to the a ced cloud covers
6:43 am
down a bit. we've had 1590-done ree days th arliar, a liter e over half oft we typically see. >> route 2roasouthbound. in the interchange at sterling boulevard the earlier crash has been mlegaed out of the r tradwo the right. now traffic moving through. route 28 and the bottom of n th chopper 7. we'll take a look at that. w clll go to marom tand and tth look at the beltway. traffic running well as you travel to be outer loop 270 southbound going to be jammed up through the hyave istown stretc eastwedund at 28 an accint was blocking the left side of the w roto'way. alison? pamela? >> this is like a scene from "->eaard s 11" or the "the thom crown affair." >> scotland yard released this security footage of ton n well-dressed band its robing the
6:44 am
london shop. whe guys got away with $65 million worth of gems including rings, brace lx ch necklaces and watches. investigators say it is one of if not brkgeste we thieldw heek history. >> and they are still to be run. >> see if they ever catch thede >>:3:44 is your time. 74 degrees outside. utside. p hmmm... well... naaa... yeah! calculating for getaway. ♪ find your way to a perfect destination at busch gardens...
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it's the all new sesame street forest of fun... at busch gardens in williamsburg. with four family-friendly rides... and everyone's sesame street friends. ( elmo giggles ) ♪ big and small! there's fun for all! ♪ >> and welcome back, evedwe wed at:3d u6,ty.u's on your side.
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>> plenty of security will be on hand to help deeprieeace in cragerstown today. where another town hall-style mex ing will be held on hear.h care. he was booed in towson monday nighst .awmakers have faced angdw crowds all across the country. crowth> and federal reserve cha ben beileanke wraps up a meetin to be economy. where are srk5.a the wor rece3 bion in decades is finally ending. it's widely eracyected the fed will hntetd interest rates at nr zero. >> andrientetice are investicat several shootings that happened just in the past 24 hours in southeast d.c. won n men were shot around 1:30 this morning and one man has decide and the other hit in the leg and is expected to be ok. >>rientetice hope this surveilne video will help solve a murder. 53-year-old accupuncturist was
6:48 am
ewound is stabbed to death her home. this shows a man in a dark-cntetored car aty.u2roachir home the same day she was killed. >> and man found dead wass by pit bulls. 20-year-old carter delaney was ewound monday ngit to the rst ta of a small dog. police say he was biten by ton pit bigals belonging to his brother. officials are meeting with the ewamily to decide what to do wih those dogs. >> 6:48 is your time. metro continewees to suffer froa series of high-profile problems. matt brock is live with dx aine on one of the ntetest. matt? >> good morning. .atest is a doozy. e3 bentially happened in late july. wex ae we1st finding out ae wed now, but a train operator who puts the trains together in the greenbelt rail yarde wed. tracks from here put a 10-car train ta mux hetor you mrkr. deal? >> well, metro only operators
6:49 am
3 erates six or erkr. so that means the trains stretch into the tunnel when they are do 2 to berielatform. a passenger reported it. 5vedwe wed? the train together was drug-tested. whe one whorieut theone rillcarn wa mux her tested positive for some sort of drug. cre or she is now on rehon n n being paid, but it's just one more thing in the steto'y dabou beat of verad things that seem be happening on metro and making commuters nervod. .ater there will be arierotest t the white house saying metro's brkrielob is funding. and they wrant the $13 billion to repair the aging systede metro got a lot morerieroblst t a lot of nervous commuters. we're life at the green st tbezzlement station. matt brock. >> all right. we aty.u2reticate it. at:3d u9 tng traffic every 10 minutes and brian is here with the latest oh
6:50 am
what sounds like a broken record over what the ngit s& n days?at the ngit s& th> yes. >> take the week off. >> i might have six liter e updates and thas all right. outside today a better chance ewor showers rntetling trounoug. gradually a bit better. esmohe. ren the 80's as oty.u2ot s take a look area.s the area. inown but:3ogam dnleasmas. dnasmales. ogam dnleasmas. 72 iea maryland. south and wslowlylyin torm scal y s yee them slowlyoryng f k oe f eventually they esh spot aregoin can we see the sto8 scan? ase ero. g as weth e er go. showers w clre watchinteste e dacattered
6:51 am
we1.l talk ae wedut the rest ofe days coming up. >> thank you, brian. wraveling on i-66 route 28 w cle looking at the shot of an accident on the l evt shourtede. og've got toried. evt shourtede. button over here. there we gmatt bill michaels looking at the accident on 66. on the roadway an accident or broken down bd. the lanes are open once again in what stretcmb open once again in in marom tand running well on t belt weavet. on the beltway. raner toward g80'rgcatt avenewe lanes open. wilson bridge good shape in eacg dire. aion. slo at back with more on good moileing washin
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>> good moileinem evedwe wed? colo ng up to be shonewo health care has back huge political og3e has back huge political bue but w clre going to tthane the politicians out of it. we're going to the people prranideektng the care and w cl going to talk to the doctors and nirses whorierore de hear.h car wo thellyni5.aured to see what they think is really needed and you can to ae wedut talk ae wed saving money on gas, a car that gets 238 miles a gallon. w clre gleang to show it to you today and we have a compelling story ae wedut an american fath
6:55 am wedut an american fath says was stolen and left in an italn the museum's exhibits are aimed at capturing the president's life. there's a recreation of the white house office and things that consumed his presidency like the civil war and slary. >> the space here is limited but the story is unlimited. so what you do is you distill that story to its very essence. >> the museum also feature as hallway with parallel walls and has a time line.
6:56 am
each wall shows hour bihour what lincoln's assassin was doing and what lincoln was doing until their paths crossed. they will do one-act plays there too. such a neat place. >> speaking of neat. >> brian over there. such a neat dresser. >> i try. jim russ? >> want to start with jim? ok let's start with traffic. you're neat, too. >> appreciate that. traving on route 28 stearling and sterling boulevard. crash gone. 95 looks decent in springfield and we'll have the weather forecast now from brian. >> outside a few showers and maybe a rumble or thunder or two. keep that pattern going for friday and ithend. typical august-like situation. >> that does it for good morning, washington this
6:57 am
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